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Is That A Lump In Your Throat?

Or “Lumpy Mail, what’s that???” (This mail is also called dimensional mail)

As business owners, we understand marketing is less effective because of fragmentation. Consumers are busier than ever and spend less time focused on any one medium for a great length of time, so reaching them with “frequency” is more difficult and expensive than ever.

Direct mail used to be one of the most powerful mediums, but because of the bombardment of “junk mail” in every media, we have “tuned out” most marketing. There is an exception… Lumpy mail. Lumpy mail is still reaching the target in the same medium as direct mail, and while it maintains a higher cost per piece to send, it also generates a significantly higher response rate due to its memorable nature. Unlike Postcards or other marketing materials that are filtered out by well intentioned “gate keepers” (to trash cans), Lumpy mail is generally given the “pass” because of it’s “Package” or “Bulk”.

Think with me… If a “package” arrives in the mail (or otherwise), addressed to you, (the Employer,) and your assistant first receives it… will she open it?… Or push it on to your desk?
The odds are that if it is a package, not an envelope or a postcard, and it is addressed to you, YOU will personally open it. That is half the effectiveness. The other half is in the creativity of the campaign. (You can’t shove a stack of business cards in a box and expect the same reaction) The rest of the power lies in the product relating to the sale event or company image. If it gets your attention, what else in this business day has truly got that moment?

Ask about brainstorming sessions on your behalf for this type of event.