What We Think

Strong Team Leadership

We come from business. All four of our full time team members are in business for themselves today… and Melinda, the one who put the team together, has built a strong retail business. We know advertising dollars are limited. We know the reality of the balance sheet. We also know how little time most of you would LIKE to give to your marketing. That is where we come in. We PROMISE, yes, we promise that we will take EVERY bit of our experience and knowledge, and put it to full work on YOUR marketing. I (Melinda) will spend your marketing dollars like those dollars came from MY wallet, and I was spending money like it was my company and money. We will discuss everything. You and I will become PARTNERS in your cause. I will put absolutely as much of your budget toward schedules as possible. I need to tell you, good web design and television production is essential, but I will do ALL I can do to keep those costs where they need to be.
We care about your success. It is personal when you go thru tough economic times and we get excited when we can affect your bottom line and see your business grow. It is a fact….if you partner with us, you will NEVER employ a group that cares more about your success than the team at Advertising Strategies.