Our Services

First, let me ask, why would any business use an advertising consultant?

Most companies have written a great business plan, then bought or produced a fabulous product or spent years acquiring skill to give a unique and superior service to the public. All this designed and tailored to build a strong income for them and their employees. But commonly, most business owners do not have a marketing degree or even a marketing plan.
Did you know, the average business with a store front sees 35 Sales Reps walk thru their doors a month? So a business owners with out a plan will TEND to buy the favorite sales Rep’s “package”, instead of doing the research and buying the absolute best marketing they can buy at that time with their limited advertising dollars. They often times have not put as much time into their marketing as they put in ordering lunch!
And marketing is crutial to their company’s success! (Not to mention, their personal bottom line.)

WHAT IF you had a team of people who LOVED using marketing to move a community’s population to spend money with their clients businesses for needed goods and services? The truth of the matter is, MARKETING IS SIMPLY A BATTLE FOR THE MIND! The team at Advertising Strategies has spent years studying marketing and each of us has taken a personal piece of that marketing puzzle and honed our skills in that aspect. We love doing the research on who your best client is, why people buy products, creating memorable messages, creating attention getting graphic and web designs, and in the end, impacting the minds of people to spend money with YOU, our client.

Fortunately for you, we are a group who love marketing and think like this every day! We have spent years doing the research, watching the trends, learning buying patterns and marketing a multitude of types of businesses! You can have us on your team, it’s easy and more affordable than you would think!