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Make Them Work Together!

Does your marketing consist of a few new paper ads for this “special”, or a few radio ads here and there, or even an email blast from time to time? You may even think you are progressive in your marketing, in these efforts. Those are common marketing efforts for small business, but not optimum. Your marketing channels are NOT working together!

We know that Marketing is a “Battle for the mind”, and that ‘mind” is not easily changed. It takes consistency. It takes marketing that works together! The results of marketing working together are almost ALWAYS better than the sum of any individual marketing. The effectiveness is due to repetitiveness and the messages of varying voices.

For Example, when your prospect is on their way to work, and they hear a radio ad, they may only be slightly convinced your product or service is right for them. But, when they arrive at work, they do a little research on line, (and 83% of shoppers do this on line shopping after they hear your message!) and if they find your marketing message again, they will most likely become a little more convinced. On their way home they hear the radio ad again and they simply smile. (They feel smug that they have heard it before.) Later that night if they are watching their favorite television show and they are once again introduced to your message from yet another direction, they will become convinced your product or service is right for them. This does not mean you will automatically get the sale, but you are in a much better light than all of your competition. (Sadly, we adults are only slightly more mature than our juvenile teens who think if they, or “we” are talking about someone, (good or bad) they are the most popular (and thus, the best) product!

Here is the truth… Decide what you want your marketing goal to be. If you are trying to educate the public on what your product is, and it is a COMPLEX product, then you need them to go to your AWESOME web site to get more info than a 30 second commercial can give them… do that. If your goals are to push traffic to a specific retail location, then ALL channels should direct them to THAT direct location. Choose one goal. Put all efforts toward that goal. And stay in front of as many prospects as you can afford. Educate, sell and direct… and in the end, stop buying the “package of the week” from your favorite sales rep. (Sorry to all you sales reps that I do love.)

Make the media’s work together. That is not easy. BUT, it is your job, as owner. (Or as your Advertising Consultant.) It is essential. You can do this, or we will come along side and help you…
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